free & public (udp only) BitTorrent tracker
tracker URL
please don't use udp:// or any other URL variation
the domain will be is discontinued
stable trackers list
adding multiple trackers will increase torrent accessibility
[ short tracker info ]
  • no file contents or metainfo files (torrents) stored here
  • no logs or IP addresses are collected or stored here
  • random IP addresses are inserted into the peer list
  • info hashes cannot be blocked from being tracked
for content removal kindly ask the indexing site
to remove the listing and the .torrent file
[ what is a BitTorrent tracker ]
it's a server that collects clients IP addresses into pools sorted by one of the request strings parameters (info hash) and answers all other clients that specified this exact same parameter a list of all other recent clients

..or in the other words it's essentially a torrent phonebook
tracking 1.47 M torrents with 4.86 M peers
(3.35 M seeders + 1.51 M leechers)
[ stats last updated 20.09.2017. 13:00:06 CET ]
download fullscrape.gz (file size 31.97 MiB)
updated every 30 mins, filename may change
[ scrape last updated 20.09.2017. 13:00:06 CET ]